The AIFC Court has established a robust enforcement system to enforce Orders and Judgments of the AIFC Court, including IAC Arbitration awards as Orders of the AIFC Court, in the territory of Kazakhstan. This comprises step-by-step procedures direct with local enforcement authorities without involvement of the local courts.

The success of the enforcement procedures has been demonstrated through the enforcement of the AIFC Court’s first judgment which was referred to the Kazakhstan Republican Chamber of Private Bailiffs with the close support and supervision of the AIFC Court case management team. 100% of the debt in that judgment was paid by the judgment debtor.

The AIFC Court also has enforcement capabilities of its judgments in other countries including in:

1. Central Asia subject to the Minsk and Kiev Conventions;

2. Other countries which have enforcement of Court order agreements with Kazakhstan (Azerbaijan, China, Georgia, India, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, North Korea, Pakistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, and UAE); and

3. Several other countries on a court-to-court reciprocity basis.