The AIFC Court supports the delivery of high-quality education and training to the legal community. The Internship Programme provides a unique opportunity for practising and aspiring lawyers to gain perspective on international standard case management. Interns gain practical hands on experience in international dispute resolution. Internships are conducted both offline and online on a flexible basis. Upon successful completion of the internship programme, interns have an opportunity to apply to complete a 1 month further internship with an international law firm, LK LLP (“LK”), with branches in London, UK, and Adelaide, Australia. The LK-AIFC Court and IAC Internship Programme is held in June each year.  The AIFC Court also provides clerkships and other volunteering opportunities.


  • online/offline


  • university level student enrolled in a university, or equivalent tertiary institution, or as otherwise agreed upon by agreements, memorandums, or other documents concluded by the AIFC Court and/or IAC;
  • good academic and personal standing;
  • should be motivated individuals, who display interest in dispute resolution;
  • excellent English written and oral communication and computer skills.


  • CV in English, specifying past academic and/or work experience, computer skills, student status, and the exact dates of their availability. Emphasis should be placed on highlighting experience relevant to the Internship;
  • a cover letter in English specifying the skills and experience they expect to gain or develop during the Internship and the contributions they will make to the work of the AIFC Court and IAC;
  • a copy of the academic transcript and a letter of recommendation in English from a member of the academic staff with whom they have completed coursework (if required).

To apply for an internship at the AIFC Court and IAC, please send an email to [email protected] with the listed documents.

AIFC AI assistant